Buy A Home

You may be looking to buy a home, but the process can seem extremely overwhelming if you aren’t prepared.  If it’s your first time buying a home, you will have many questions.  However, even if you’ve been through the process before, odds are, you’ll have questions.  Where do you start?  Do you talk to a realtor first, or a loan officer?  Do you find the house and then talk to these professionals?

The truth is that every situation is unique.  However, we know that the best thing you can do is to be prepared and that means getting pre-qualified and even pre-approved for a loan.  This helps you know your budget and frankly, allows you to be ready to make an offer when the perfect home pops on the market.



Getting pre-qualified means that you talk with a loan officer and give all of your basic information.  The loan officer will then run a credit report and look at the different aspects of your file such as assets, income, credit history, job history, etc.  The loan officer will then determine if you fit the guidelines for the type of loan you are looking into.


The pre-approval process involves everything in the pre-qualification process, but it goes one step further.  Your loan officer will actually submit your file to an underwriter for credit approval.  This extra step gives a seller even more confidence that your mortgage loan will go through, making you a stronger offer compared to others.



We know you’ll have many questions along the way and that’s why we’re here.  We’ve helped countless homeowners get approved for loans that fit their unique situation.  We’d love to help you get your home loan process started as well!


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